As business academics, our job is to help managers tune into approaching challenges or opportunities — sooner rather than later.

Article published in HBR, selected as one of the 10 must reads.
When the Default Just Won't Do: Resilience as the New Competitive Driver.
How to react in this shifting, post-COVID19 world
Cambridge University Press
October, 2020
Adapt Your Business to the New Reality
How to adapt to a changing COVID19-driven and digitised economy
Harvard Business Review
September-October, 2020
Big Tech: Time For A 'New Platform Deal'
The regulatory challenges ahead
July 25, 2020
From Industry to Ecosystem
We have a bad habit of saying "take a look at what Google or Facebook are doing" and trying to do the same thing, which is very bad advice.
Open Channel
July, 2020
Corporates and Digital Ecosystems
Why it makes sense for corporates to embrace digital ecosystems and the key factors for success
January 17, 2020
Goodbye Business as Usual
How to respond to the current challenges
London Business School
October 30, 2020
Michael G Jacobides holds the Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at London Business School, where he is Professor of Strategy. He is an Academic Advisor to BCG, Visiting Scholar at the New York Fed and an advisor to Fortune500 firms & tech-powered startups. Selected as one of the worlds’ top 50 management thinkers in 2019, his research looks at how the digital revolution reshapes firms, sectors and ecosystems and is a regular speaker in corporate events and meetings, from TEDx to the WEF in Davos .