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Non-Work Bio

As a Greek native, now also a British citizen, with an American wife, my life has been and continues to be one of many places. Like generations before me, I have travelled away to work and learn, and returned with new energy and excitement back to Greece whenever possible. I love the intensity of my work-academic and applied—which keeps me busy learning, writing, advising, and speaking around the world (previously in person, currently on Zoom). When writing I listen to pre-classical music, when relaxing, it’s jazz all the way.


To balance my mind I enjoy time with our dog, Kefi, walks with my wife, cooking, and getting lost amidst the colours and abundance of farmers markets and food shops. I make a mean fish soup and some very nice bottarga pasta. I like being adventurous when it comes to wine, though I am very reliably content with a Puligny-Montrachet, a Saint-Estephe, a Barolo or some vintage Port. 

In London, I enjoy going to the Royal Opera House, catching the hot new plays at The Ameida or The National Theater, and spending a weekend sauntering through an exhibit at the Royal Academy before heading to East London to see some cutting-edge stand-up comedy.


I like boating, sailing, skiing, scuba-diving, and exploring cities and countryside – and going to our family grove to press our olive oil.


If I could choose to spend a week anywhere in the world, it would be on the island of Kea, Greece.

If I could eat anything in the world it would be a tomato salad in summer, a bowl of fresh tagliolini with white truffle in winter, and Yiannis’s imam baildi any day of the year.

My ideal vacation day would involve relaxing with a book, hosting friends, and dancing with my wife.

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