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Research --- Publications

Applied Research

M.G. Jacobides, Rene Langen, Nikita Pusnakovs, Yuri Romanenkov, 2022.  "From partnerships to experience ecosystems: Three strategies companies can use to improve their customer experience and shape their brand perception” Think, London Business School, September 30

M.G. Jacobides, 2022.  "Adjusting Your Strategy in a Tight Market”Harvard Business Review (online), June 30.

M.G. Jacobides, 2021.  "Why regulation of tech platforms is the new game changer for strategy” Strategy+Business, November.

Academic Research

M.G. Jacobides, Dalbert Ma, Konstantinos Trantopoulos, Vassilis Vassalos, 2023. “Gamification: How to Climb the Ladders and Avoid the Snakes”, Evolution Ltd, January 4

M.G. Jacobides, 2022. “A Playbook for Winning the Ecosystem Game”, Evolution Ltd, December 20

N. Cetorelli, M.G. Jacobides, S. Stern, 2021. “Mapping a sector's scope transformation and the value of following the evolving core”, Strategic Management Journal 42 (12): 2294-2347.

Other Publications

Jo Ann Barefoot, Morten Bech, Gisela Bergmann - Princess of Liechtenstein, Victor Bergmann, Masaki Bessho, Ravi Bhalla, Diana Biggs, Gary Gorton, Chris Hamilton, Kenneth H. Kang, Elisabeth Krecké, Stani Kulechov, Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, R. Jesse McWaters, Jacob A. Mendel, Dirk Niepelt, Thomas Puschmann, Steven Schwarcz, Julian Teicke, Manuela Veloso, Heike Walterscheid, Antony Welfare, Pindar Wong, 2022. “Financial System 2030. Vaduz Financial Roundtable Discussion”Vaduz Financial Roundtable, 8th Edition, September 23-24

Michael G Jacobides, Rene Langen, Nikita Pusnakovs, Yuri Romanenkov, 2022. “Enhancing Brands and Shaping Customer Experiences: From Partnerships to experience ecosystems” Evolution Ltd, May 8.

M.G. Jacobides, 2020. Harnessing the rising power of ecosystems: How to win in a post-COVID-19 world, Chapter 12 in Ecosystems, Inc. Thinkers50, Editors

World Economic Forum (M.G. Jacobides, M. Drexler and J.R. Saaverda), 2015. The Future of Alternative Investments, a series of three reports, WEF Publications, Geneva/New York: October.

M.G. Jacobides, 2013, “Time to tackle EU governance”, How to Run a Bank, The Banker Editions, pp. 32-34.

M.G. Jacobides, 2013, “What Next for the Eurozone?” Business Agenda, January, pp. 14-17.

M.G. Jacobides, 2011, The Future of Finance: Issues in re-shaping the Sector’s Landscape, AIM Research Briefing.

M.G. Jacobides, 2010, “Playscript your Strategy”, Strategy Magazine, June, pp. 14–16.

M.G. Jacobides, 2009, “New ways of thinking about Business”, Financial Times Mastering Management Series, February 23, and online supplement. Reprinted in Managing in a Downturn: Leading Business thinkers on how to grow when markets don't (as Chapter 22), FT-Pearson: London, 2009.

M.G. Jacobides, T. Knudsen and M. Augier, 2006. “Who Does What and Who Takes What: Benefiting from Innovation”, AIM Management Briefing, December.

M.G. Jacobides, 2001. “Technology with aVengeance: The New Economics of Mortgaging”,Mortgage Banking, October: pp. 118–130.

M.G. Jacobides, 2001. “Case-Study in Capabilities-Based Restructuring: Mortgage Banking” The Banker, October: p. 12.

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