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Academically, my interest has always been in how firms shape their context to their advantage. More recently, I’ve begun to explore these strategies in terms of a broader set of stakeholders.

How do organization-level issues aggregate up to the level of the sector, and affect its stability?

Financial services is a prime example of how firms shaped their environment by pushing for vertical dis-integration, ultimately leading to systemic collapse. My work on the financial crisis, which has involved collaboration with the UK Houses of Parliament, the WEF and McKinsey Global institute, now continues in partnership with the New York Fed, where am a Visiting Scholar and consultant.

More recently, I’ve been looking at the policy impact of the wholesale changes in industry structures brought about by the growth of platforms and ecosystems, working with the WEF, European regulators and the BRICS competition authorities.

To make regulation smarter in this area, I believe we need a broader set of analytical tools, and consider the impact of different monetization strategies and structural conditions across a range of platforms and ecosystems.

Finally, I’ve spent some time focusing on Greek issues, helping to build bridges between Greek policymakers and politicians and external stakeholders. There, too, my interest is in how micro-level issues aggregate up to collective and unaddressed policy issues.

I expect that in a post-COVID19 world, my interest in policy will continue growing, as will my engagement with regulators and corporates.

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