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In my research, I look at how firms should navigate the increasingly complex and digitized environment.

I explore where and why value migrates, how firms can best capture it and how they should respond to the dramatic growth of business ecosystems. You can see my Google citation page here.

My work on digital platforms and ecosystems has led to deeper engagement with firms and consultancies. It has also brought me closer to today’s big policy questions, and I’ve started engaging with digital regulators too.

I have explored the evolution of the financial services sector, and since 2015 I’ve been a Visiting Scholar at the New York Fed, the regulator of US banks. My research here has looked at value migration, firm and industry boundaries and organization design.

I also work on turnarounds and change, having built one of LBS’ most popular electives, and written many cases. With the ongoing impact of COVID-19, this area looks ever more relevant, and may occupy more of my time going forward.

I am a Co-Editor of Industrial and Corporate Change, a Visiting Fellow at
Cambridge and a Visiting Scholar at the New York Fed. I have visited institutions such as the Wharton School (where I earned my PhD), Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School and others; you can look
here for more details for my institutional engagement and affiliations.

Here’s a retrospective account of my research, prepared for my final internal LBS evaluation and a long CV. Also a short bio and a picture.

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