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Teaching & Executive Development

I have always enjoyed teaching, and continue to do so. My teaching ranges from popular courses at LBS and other institutions to corporate training programmes for blue-chip brands worldwide.

Most of my teaching is with senior executives, and I’ve have been actively involved in executive development since the 1990s. 

At LBS, I teach in our open enrolment programmes (including Developing Strategy for Value Creation and Exploiting Disruption in a Digital World), where I cover topics such as value migration and how to compete through ecosystems. I’ve been the recipient of LBS’s Innovation in Teaching Award and Wharton’s Undergraduate Teaching Award. I also teach in LBS’s custom programmes, where I’ve taught in our masterclasses for regional business Schools such as Norway’s NHH, Mexico’s IPADE and Korea’s KAIST. I’ve also had the opportunity to engage with executives from 24 major global corporates, from Nokia and Ericsson to Telenor and Dexia, and from Lloyds and Sberbank to Lufthansa. 

In terms of LBS’ degree programmes, I originally taught strategy in the MBA, EMBA Global and Sloan Fellows. I’ve taught our PhD students on the Basic Readings in Business and Economic Foundations of Strategy courses and delivered, as part of our Global Business Assignment courses, a course on resilience in Greece.

Today, I’m responsible for our Managing Corporate Turnarounds elective, which I redesigned through engagement with the turnaround community. The course has become one of the most popular electives, with seven streams, of which I teach four. The course has been cloned by INSEAD and other institutions.

I have also taught at ALBA in Greece, Ortygia Business School in Italy and MIF and VIA in Finland. Topics have included capability-based competition, strategy and innovation, new value propositions and turnarounds – plus, more recently, digital disruption, value migration and ecosystems.

I have written a number of teaching cases. Some are currently being released on the HBS platform. I’ve just finished working with Haier’s CEO, Zhang Ruimin, on a three-part case series, and am collaborating with Microsoft’s Chief Digital Officer, Kurt del Bene, on its evolving ecosystem strategy. The next two cases are Recruit, the Japanese firm that owns Glassdoor, among others, and Sberbank, which has revolutionised what it means to be a bank in Russia.

I also have done executive education with a number of leading corporates. For many years, I have taught innovation and strategy to executives at Zurich Financial Services (UK) and Pirelli. I’ve also taken part in in-house programmes (e.g. with EADS/Airbus) and created bespoke programmes for senior executives (e.g. for Santander).

I find the best way to understand a complex topic is to bring together the brightest minds and engage them in conversation.

That’s why I love engaging with executives, and have convened meetings aimed at understanding the dynamics of the mobility ecosystem in meetings in London or Tokyo, figuring out how we should regulate platforms and ecosystems in LBS or chatting with French CEOs while cruising along the Seine in Paris.

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