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Research --- Institutional Engagements & Affiliations

In addition to being a senior faculty in LBS, I am a Visiting Fellow in Cambridge, a Visiting Scholar at the New York Fed, and have spent some time in various peer institutions. I spent a few months back at Wharton, where I had done my PhD, and then just before tenure, 6 months in Harvard Business School, and over a year in NYU, when I was splitting my time between London and New York in the early 2010’s. I’ve also been a visiting faculty in Bocconi, Imperial College Business School, a Distinguished Visiting Professor in Singapore Management University, and a Professeur Visite in University of Paris. I have given over 150 talks in the top business schools and meetings.

I am an active participant of the Academy of Management, where I engage in most annual meetings (despite vows to reduce my engagement and save time for research), having served on the Executive Committee of the Business Policy and Strategy Division, and also as a member of the TIM and OMT divisions. I also am a member and participant to conferences of the Strategic Management Society, and a past Division Rep-at-Large. More consequentially, perhaps, I am a co-Editor of Industrial and Corporate Change, a leading journal which focuses on the topics I care about, that takes a fair amount of my time. I’ve reviewed for most of the major journals in our field, even though Editorial and other duties limit my time on ad hoc reviews. As for my own publication preferences, they tend to be primarily for the top journals of our field such as SMJ, OrgSci, AMJ, AMR, ResPol. As I also believe in strategic renewal, I am currently also writing for the new journals, such as Strategy Science. I sometimes submit papers in other related fields, such as Business History as well as the top managerial outlets, such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, and our own in-house LBS thought leadership journal called Think! You can look at my publication profile (and citations) through this Google Scholar link, and available papers and working papers of all vintages are available as hyperlinks from this link here.

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